The Southeastern Jewelers Organization was founded in 1963. SJO is a buying group that provides members with aggressive pre-negotiated terms and discounts from approved Vendors, superb educational experiences addressing the current trends and issues in the industry, and a top class Show(s) experience. Members enjoy working with the best vendors in the industry in a world class Show environment.

By leveraging the group’s buying power and working together, Members enjoy increased margins and profits, superb leading edge fellowship with like-minded jewelers getting and sharing ideas for increased profit and efficiencies, and the most aggressive in-store credit card services in the industry along with the best Shows around.


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Why Join?

  • ​Centralized billing, less paperwork for you 
  • Aggressive pre-negotiated terms & discounts increase your profits immediately
  • Buying Shows at a 5 star resort that are workable and easy to manage and navigate
  • Educational  seminars, know your business and be ahead of the competition

Centralized Billing
By working with Members, SJO’s centralized billing system allows a jeweler the convenience of sending one check to pay for all of their SJO vendor purchases made during a billing cycle. No time wasted sending multiple statements to numerous vendors. You receive one statement – you send one check. It’s that simple.

Pre-Negotiated Discounts
SJO negotiates aggressive discounts and exchange policies for members. SJO has bigger discounts and better terms with suppliers than independent jewelers can negotiate with suppliers individually. Spend time with your family or in the store – not haggling with vendors!

Buying Shows
The SJO Shows enjoy almost 100% attendance. Members enjoy the ease that the Show can be worked in a superb 5 star hotel with great Spa and golf facilities. Members also benefit from the renowned educational series and the opportunity to network with fellow jewelers. Get out of the store and reignite your love for the industry!

Each SJO Show incorporates two full days of buying in addition to educational seminars on current trends and exceptional entertainment to relax after a busy day on the show floor.

The whole weekend will give you and your guest the opportunity to network and glean great ideas from fellow members while having some well-deserved fun and relaxation.

The best part is there is no fee to attend the buying shows!

How Does SJO Differ From Other Buying Groups?
It’s not just about the buying! SJO was founded in 1963 and is the oldest buying group in the nation. SJO’s purpose is to help our members work smarter to increase sales, margins and profits.

  • ​Superb show location (
  • Real & worthwhile terms and discounts
  • Top class in-store credit card services from Citibank
  • Leading educational support and seminars
  • Great relationships from like-minded independent jewelers

What Is The Cost Of Membership?
Your fee is based on your annual sales through the group. MAJA Members enjoy complimentary first year membership and can attend the next Show as our guest.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible For Membership?
In order to become a member of SJO, the following qualifications must be met:

  • ​Credit-worthy jewelers as indicated by the Jewelers Board of Trade and other credit reporting agencies.
  • Business must have a store front and operate under regular business hours.
  • Store must be in business a minimum of two (2) years.
  • Complete the application process.