Governmental Affairs

The Mid-America Jewelers Association is one of the country’s leading state trade associations. It is comprised of jewelers from Ohio and its contiguous states. Veteran lobbyist Adriana Sfalcin keeps a close eye on events affecting jewelers in the state of Ohio with the current Gubernatorial Administration, the Ohio General Assembly, as well as all state agencies.

On-Line Sales Tax

MAJA Supports Fight to Close Tax Loophole

We have partnered with an organization named the Alliance for Main Street Fairness.  As many of you are aware, online-only jewelry retailers are exploiting a tax loophole that does not require them to collect sales tax – putting brick and mortar jewelers at a significant price disadvantage. That is why we are working with the Alliance for Main Street Fairness to pass legislation that will level the playing field for all retailers. The organization works to contact legislators and inform the general public about the issue, but we need your support. The more jewelers that contact their members of Congress, the better changes we have of closing this loophole and ensuring online stores compete on a level playing field!

Signing up is as easy as sending an email, costs nothing, and we encourage all members to show their support today! Contact Congress Now!

Please contact Jack Keegan with the Alliance for Main Street Fairness for more information at (614) 623-8163 or .

Ohio Gold Buying Laws

There are several laws that govern the purchase of precious metal from the public, and the sale of that precious metal to refinders or other entities. Knowing these laws, and how to comply, is important to any jewelry company that buys second-hand items from consumers. Click on each link below to learn more. Information provided by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

Buying precious metals from the public in Ohio: Important Laws

Anti-Money Laundering Laws: Gold Buyers are Covered and Must Comply

To answer more specific questions, please contact the Ohio Department of Commerce at

Ohio Use Tax

Do you owe Ohio use tax on the purchases you make in Ohio? Find out how the State of Ohio defines and answers this question.